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Where expertise blends with client-centricity. With a profound understanding of Luxembourg's fund ecosystem, our seasoned experience across European, Hispanic, and Latin American markets ensures a customized approach to diverse requirements with a common denominator, our clients are always our priority.

The creation of OEL Fund Services responds to the need of our clients to find modern, strong, and optimized structures for their investments. Our main mission is to lead the establishment and operation of Alternative Investment Funds, especially in the realm of 'Private Equity,' using the Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF) as the primary vehicle.

In Luxembourg, a regulatory framework has been established over several years that allows for the development of Private Equity investment funds, with the RAIF standing out. This alternative fund has the advantage of being able to invest in all types of assets, being considered an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF), and, under certain requirements, being able to benefit from a European passport, without requiring prior approval from the regulator (CSSF).

Given the complexity of investments in Private Equity, the expertise of financial structure experts and rigorous legal and fiscal planning is required to establish, manage, and supervise such investments. Thus, after a thorough analysis, we identified this need and developed the necessary knowledge and experience to carry out professional and high-quality work.

More than merely establishing RAIF, we take on upon demand the pivotal role of strategic advisors, empowering growth trajectories aligned with our clients' aspirations. At OEL Fund Services, the client is not merely a priority; they are the cornerstone of our operations. Our commitment revolves around understanding your objectives, delivering tailored solutions, and placing your success at the helm.

Embark on a partnership where the convergence of knowledge and service excellence is devoted entirely to our clients.











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