OEL Fund Services is led by a team of qualified financial advisors and consultant experts who are dedicated to advancing the field every day.
Their expertise and commitment drive continual progress in our pursuit of financial excellence.

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Manuel Arteaga

Managing Partner & Executive Director

Originally trained as a lawyer, Manuel has accumulated a diverse professional journey in legal and compliance roles across several institutions, starting as a lawyer at Group Rocher and Castro, Sueiro & Varela (currently KPMG Abogados) in Madrid, he subsequently held leadership positions at BNP Paribas in Madrid and Luxembourg, Nationale Nederlanden in Luxembourg, and further expanded his expertise as a Director at Greenlight Group.

His career culminates in executive roles as Managing Director at Octogone Europe and OEL Fund Services, showcasing extensive experience in legal, tax advisory, compliance, and executive leadership within the financial and legal sectors across Europe central and South America.

Manuel offers invaluable expertise in legal and compliance, coupled with extensive executive leadership, providing a comprehensive and strategic approach crucial for navigating complex regulatory landscapes and bolstering operational excellence within a fund company.


Santiago Rivas

Partner & Executive Director

Santiago Rivas is a highly experienced finance professional with a background in portfolio management. Graduating from the University of Geneva, he started his career at Paribas before moving to Credit Suisse and later Banco Santander (Switzerland). In 2003, he co-founded Independent Financial Managers SA in Geneva. Before that, he began his tenure at Banco Santander (Switzerland), initially serving as an account manager within the International Private Banking division in 1992. Following this role, he dedicated two years in Buenos Aires as the Deputy Representative.

With a robust career spanning various financial institutions, Santiago has consistently demonstrated expertise and strategic insight in portfolio management. His journey culminates in his current position as a Senior Portfolio Manager at Octogone Switzerland, where he leverages his global expertise and proven track record in fund management.

Santiago's added value lies in ensuring the smooth functioning of structures and fostering commercial links for OEL Fund Services, actively seeking new clients across international financial institutions. Santiago brings a wealth of global expertise in portfolio management, strategic insight, and a proven track record of fund management.


Alfonso Pérez


Alfonso holds a degree in economics. He commenced his career at UBS and subsequently worked for several years in senior positions within the International Private Banking division at Banco Santander (Switzerland). Following this, he spent two years at Ferrier Lullin & Cie and an additional two years at Banque Notz & Stucki as Deputy Head of Relationship Management for Private Banking.

Alfonso joined Octogone after the merger of Octogone Gestion and Independent Financial Managers SA (Geneva), companies he co-founded back in 2003.

He brings a comprehensive blend of strategic leadership, extensive industry knowledge, and a proven track record in fostering client relationships.


Manuel Teijeiro


Manuel holds a degree in economics and initiated his career at Credit Suisse. With a tenure in senior positions within Banco Santander International Private Banking division, he subsequently served as Deputy Head of Relationship Management for Private Banking at both Ferrier Lullin & Cie and Banque Notz & Stucki for two years each, before the merger of the two banks.

In June 2012, Manuel joined Octogone, following the merger of Octogone Gestion and Independent Financial Managers SA (Geneva), companies he co-founded in 2003.

Manuel brings a sound cross-functional expertise in private banking, merger strategy, and co-founding experience.

Alexandre Torti

Executive Director & Investment Committee Advisor

Alexandre holds a Master's degree in Business Administration and cultivated a 20-year career in senior roles within Private Banking at institutions such as Credit Suisse, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, and Julius Baer. Throughout his professional journey, Alexandre remained dedicated to nurturing and enhancing his high net worth Latin American client base.

In 2010, Alexandre embarked on a new venture and founded Fininvesta SA. This firm specializes in advising ultra-high net worth clients on managing their assets and liabilities. His expertise has evolved over the years, culminating in a deep understanding of wealth engineering which made him be able to offer distinctive strategic solutions to entrepreneurs, aiding them in structuring their personal and corporate assets and liabilities effectively; these solutions enable businesses to grow their wealth and operations more efficiently.

Alexandre brings specialized guidance tailored to clients, leveraging unique strategic solutions developed through a deep understanding of wealth engineering. His expertise empowers businesses to optimize assets, enhance operational efficiency, and navigate complex financial landscapes, drawing from extensive knowledge in strategic private banking across Latin American and European contexts.


Patricia Suárez

Chief Operating Officer

Patricia Suárez holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master´s degree in Business Administration; she showcases a distinctive blend of human-centered insight and strategic business acumen. Grounded in a robust background in heavy industry, Patricia boasts extensive expertise in international project management, procurement, business development, Human Resources, integration, operational excellence, risk management, strategy and innovation.

Her skill set encompasses strategic administrative efficiency, digitalization, and communication, honed through significant roles in the steel industry in both France and Luxembourg, as well as consulting experience at Grupo Gesor in Spain. Patricia's cross-functional experience significantly enriches our operational landscape, fostering a culture of excellence and providing strategic support to advance OEL Fund Services´ long-term objectives.


Karine Courvoisier

External Legal Counsel

Karine Courvoisier, leveraging a legal background, has navigated key roles within financial and banking institutions, beginning her career as a Legal Adviser at Banco Santander Switzerland and later assuming leadership as Head of Legal in Investment Funds.

Her journey expanded with roles at Banque Safdie, Lombard Odier focusing on legal affairs and business development, before transitioning into an independent advisory capacity.

Currently, Karine advises Swiss and international financial institutions, private equity, hedge fund and fund managers and serves as a Director at Consumer & Leasing Investments Sàrl.


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